MapApps in coordination with Harris Information Strategies has developed a web-based search engine solution for data providers with location-based data. VisualSearchDB offers data providers an inexpensive method for providing leading edge internet access to their data. MapApps Corporation can customize and host the solution with a behind the scene connection to the data located at the Data Provider.

VisualSearchDB is developed with the latest technology using HTML5/CSS/Javascript for smooth user interaction and chart analysis tools, and Microsoft Bing Maps for spatial analysis of your search.

The VisualSearchDB solution is customized by MapApps, and then hosted on secure servers located at secure facilities. Each facility has multiple high-speed connections to the internet.

In addition to standard customization (changing colors and titles), MapApps will optionally incorporate modules (for example, a subscription billing and management system) and either offer to perform or arrange for Geocoding/Address Matching of the data. The goal is to provide a comprehensive solution which will meet the needs of both the data provider and the data providers clients.

To learn more about the details of VisualSearchDB and how easy it is to incorporate into your business environment, please contact the VisualSearchDB business contacts directly.

The latest VisualSearchDB implementation is MCH Infinite Access - MCH Strategic Data’s online portal that provides access to MCH's entire K-12 Educational database:

MCH Infinite Access - District Results

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MCH Infinite Access - Districts Mapped

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A comprehensive solution with a large number of features:

  • Search boundary and data location map displays
  • Fast real-time filtering of data
  • Search by field criteria, location, or by map
  • Map search includes:
    • Radius Search
    • Search for nearby
  • Search Statistics calculated and displayed dynmically
  • Refine Page allows user to visually select and adjust the search
  • Individual Search chart-based analysis
  • Comparative multi-search chart
  • Company Profile Pages and live Maps
  • Visual Site Measurement capabilities
  • Saved Search and Data Export (CSV, Text, and Salesforce)
  • Export layouts are predefined or customized by the end-user
  • Built in tips and a straight forward help page enhance ease of use.